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Bryza in Lubiatowo


Our resort complex is located in the town of Lubiatowo – the last enclave of peace and unspoiled nature in the Pomerelia region. What attracts our guests: families with children, couples?

The opportunity to wind down and relax on a beautiful, white beach, covered in fine-grained sand. Even during peak season, the size of the beach lets you find a secluded spot… just for you.

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Bryza I

We offer a stay in one of our two resorts, located in close proximity to each other. Below, we present our BRYZA 1 resort, located near a seaside forest. The resort has single-storey holiday homes for smaller families, as well as larger double-storey buildings. Surrounded by pine-trees, the homes ensure privacy and a comfortable and pleasant stay. The whole resort was built with families with children in mind, so all of our external facilities are designed to accommodate kids and to let you relax out in the sun.



Bryza II

Our newer resort – BRYZA 2 is located a short distance away, near the road leading to the coast. The holiday homes were built mainly to accommodate families with younger and older children, as well as families of friends, vacationing together. Here we have two-storey homes, each with at least two rooms. A secluded location guarantees peace and privacy, while the tall pines surrounding the resort provide a little shade during hot, sunny days. Here too, you’ll find a whole range of external playgrounds for children, visible directly from under the roofed terraces.



Bryza III

The BRYZA 3 Leisure Resort is a new part of our complex located near the seaside forest. Here, we would like to offer you premium bungalows suitable for families, including families visiting the coast during the holiday season. The resort was built for guests who value relaxation in comfortable, Scandinavian interiors in an atmosphere of peace and closeness to nature. We have also taken care of valuable external visual experiences of our clients, providing a lot of natural greenery and garden compositions, as well as access to the playground for the youngest.


Affordable prices

for enjoyable family holidays

BRYZA provides quality leisure time in comfortable homes located in a charming seaside time. A perfect place for a holiday with your children, your significant other, your friends as well as for integration parties. Our pricing is based on the number of persons staying, allowing smaller families to pay less. We invite you to take a look at our dedicated price range through our contact form.


Price list

summer season

(2-4 i 5-8 people)

  • form
  • 45
  • PLN

Storey houses
(2-4 i 5-8 people)

  • from
  • 50
  • PLN

Seaside apartments

in Lubiatow

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